Social — Distance — Club
@ Personal Work
Creative Concept + Direction
It’s a strange feeling for a project you’re so excited about and proud of also be one that you’re so looking forward to it ending. That’s what Social Distance Club is to me — a passion project born of a time when the world turned upside down.

Sitting at home making IG filters I thought, why not make a virtual art show? And so I roped in some friends and we pulled together something special. The art show "Alone Together" opened on Friday, 5/8 and was an evening filled with art, live music, and a virtual gallery space, all experienced from the socially distant comfort of ones own home. The gallery can be explored through an IG filter here (open on mobile).

Partnering with One Grand Gallery, we sold art and merch to raise funds for the Artist Impact Fund, a grant program run by the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, OR, supporting local artists impacted by the coronavirus.

Concept and Creative: Heather Noddings
Producer: Jenny Smith, Ann Monahan
Designer: Addison Carroll
Copywriter: Carlyle Williamson
Project Manager: Kat Olsen
Gallery Partner: One Grand Gallery