TikTok x Lil Nas X
@ TikTok
Creative Direction
Music and TikTok go hand-in-hand, and few artists understand TikTok as well as Lil Nas X. But how to best celebrate an album release if you’re not a streaming service? To celebrate the launch of his first album, we brought Montero’s world to life with an OOH digital billboard on the Pendry. With UGC featuring Lil Nas X well, being Lil Nas X, we invited folks to step into Montero’s world on TikTok. This is his world and we’re just scrolling’ through it. 

Creative Direction: Heather Noddings
Strategy: Maddie Schafer
Motion & Video: Chris Pamilar, Conor Kort
Marketing: Ashley Blackmon
Music Partnerships: Marisa Jeffries
Client: TikTok