TikTok Music Design System

GLOBAL BRAND: Heather Noddings, Francis Mekhail, Raisa Janjua, Vanessa Ong
MUSIC EDITORIAL & MARKETING: William Gruger, James Underwood

The influence of TikTok on the music industry is undeniable, with real-time impact appearing on streaming and global charts due to trends on the platform. However, TikTok is not a music streaming service, creating an interesting challenge around how to frame music content from TikTok — both for users adding tunes to their videos, as well as off-platform on socials and playlists around the internet.

TikTok moves fast, and the music vertical is no exception. Artist assets come in a wide range of colors, styles and moods — often at the last minute. To create cohesion, campaign color is pulled from artist photography and then matched to the extended brand color palette.

Typography stickers add a hit of color and layer text in the way found natively in-app. Paired with the music-specific set of icons, the system creates an emotive element that shows up consistently across campaigns.

It all comes together into a highly flexible system that works across genres, and placements on- and off-platform.