The Idea Graveyard ︎
Beloved ideas, RIP
Often times, people will give you advice to keep killed ideas in your back pocket, ready to revive at a moments notice when a new opportunity arises. It’s good advice, and I have some of those too — but these are my favorite dead ones that I am finally letting go of. R.I.P. 💀️ 💀️ 💀️

An artifical reef / art gallery off the coast of Miami. It features pieces from Daniel Arsham’s The Shape of Time and remains ever changing as the coral grows.  

Elf Blood flavored Slurpees from the medieval 7-Eleven in Disenchantment. They obviously taste like cherry and are a little too sweet.

An unsanctioned race against Vin Diesel. From behind the wheel of the Fast and the Furious arcade driving game. Winner takes all.

A human-scale version of the Orrery found in Augrah’s observatory from the Dark Crystal. It offers up a doomsday warning for all who approach.