Netflix El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie @ New York Comic-Con

STRATEGY: Heather Noddings, Pete Bowhan, Carlyle Williamson
ART DIRECTION: Heather Noddings, Pete Bowhan
SPATIAL DESIGN: James Snowbarger
DESIGN: Ben Smith
MOTION: Matt Taylor
COPY: Carlyle Williamson
PRODUCTION: Taryn Waldman
ACCOUNT: Dushane Ramsey
AGENCY: Kamp Grizzly
CLIENT: Netflix
For the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Netflix enlisted Kamp Grizzly to pull off a quick turn activation at New York Comic Con, a surprise screening of the film, as well as the strategy for a nationwide hunt for Jesse Pinkman.

👀️ Yeah bitch.

“A little bit of New Mexican desert grit dropped into Manhattan.”

— Forbes