Netflix Altered Carbon
@ Kamp Grizzly
Art Direction + Design
To launch their new show Altered Carbon, Netflix approached Kamp Grizzly to create an experiential stunt at CES. We created a booth for fictional startup Psychasec, where guests could learn more about  “resleeving” — a process which involved implanting their very own memories and experiences into brand new bodies.

Strategically, our approach was to push buttons and blur the lines of story and reality, presenting Psychasec as a real and known quantity at every opportunity. The results were undeniable — Altered Carbon was the breakout star at CES.

“The Most Disturbing Booth at CES”

— AdWeek

Agency: Kamp Grizzly
ECD: Dan Portrait
Executive Producer: Will Chandler
Account Director: Dushane Ramsay
Art Director: Heather Noddings, Luke Yablonsky

Designer: Ashley Marcu
Copywriter: Logan Corcoran
Client: Netflix