The Idea Graveyard

Often times, people will give you advice to keep killed ideas in your back pocket, ready to revive at a moments notice when a new opportunity arises. It’s good advice, and I have some of those too — but these are my favorite dead ones that I am finally letting go of. 💀️ 💀️ 💀️

An artifical reef / art gallery off the coast of Miami. It features pieces from Daniel Arsham’s The Shape of Time and remains ever-changing as the coral grows.

Elf Blood flavored Slurpees from the medieval 7-Eleven in Disenchantment. They obviously taste like cherry and are a little too sweet.

An unsanctioned race against Vin Diesel. From behind the wheel of the Fast and the Furious arcade driving game. Winner takes all.

A human-scale version of the Orrery found in Augrah’s observatory from the Dark Crystal. It offers up a doomsday warning for all who approach.